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A Certified Course to give you an indepth understanding of MS Excel through theoretical and practical training. This will multiply your chances of landing an internship or a job.

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6-8 Weeks

6 Levels

63 Lectures

6-8 Weeks

6 Levels

63 Lessons

₹ 3,599
₹ 1,799/-

Offer expires in Calculating .....

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Key Features

  • Certified Course
  • Delivery - Video Lectures
  • Assessment - Quizzes And Assignments
  • More Practical Less Theory
  • Internship Opportunity To Top Performers

Course Description

Learn and Master MS Excel.

This Online Advanced Excel Course is designed for students like you who wish to build a solid career in any field. At the end of this course, you will be able to perform complex tasks on MS Excel very quickly and efficiently. We will teach you everything from scratch - How to enter and edit data, using simple as well as complex functions and formulas, how to analyse data using charts, different tips and tricks and industry applications.

Quizzes and Assignments shall ensure that you understand everything well. Doubt solving, guidance and mentorship shall be provided through and through. Best Part? You decide the timings for the class. You can study the course in your own free time, anytime within 1 year.

Along with this being a certified course, we also offer internship opportunities to all students who perform well in the course.

Flexible Learning

Learn from any place, at any time. No strings attached.

Unlimited Retakes

Gain access to the course unlimited times, for 365 days. Leave no stones unturned.

Interactive & Animated

Fun, animated, and informative videos with an interactive and challenging quiz at the end of each video. Review your knowledge and mug up no more.

Experienced Mentor

With years of experience in the industry, the Mentor has been a faculty member for under graduate and post graduate students. Imbibe practical knowledge from the best.

Pocket Friendly

Master MS Excel at a reasonable fee. Recover the money you invest as your first month's stipend.

Basics - Introduction to MS Excel

12 Lectures, 5 Quizzes

Lecture 1:Your First Workbook
Lecture 2A:Know Your Workbook - Autofill
Quiz 1
Lecture 2B:Know Your Workbook - Format Painter
Lecture 2C:Know Your Workbook - Freeze Panes
Lecture 2D:Know Your Workbook - Hiding/Unhiding Columns
Lecture 2E:Know Your Workbook - Copy Sheets and Colour Tabs
Quiz 2
Lecture 2F:Know Your Workbook - Print
Lecture 3:Rows and Columns
Quiz 3
Lecture 4:Naming Cells and Cell Ranges
Lecture 5:Adding Password Protection
Quiz 4
Lecture 6:Sharing Workbooks
Lecture 7:Adding Comments
Quiz 5

Data and Formatting

14 Lectures, 5 Quizzes, 2 Assignments

Lecture 1:Adding Data
Lecture 2:Cut Copy Paste
Quiz 1
Lecture 3A:Data Selection
Lecture 3B:Data Movement
Lecture 4A:Cell Formatting
Lecture 4B:Cell Formatting
Quiz 2
Lecture 5:Conditional Formatting
Quiz 3
Lecture 6A:Cell Operations
Lecture 6B:Cell Operations
Lecture 7:Reusable Lists
Lecture 8:Data Validation
Quiz 4
Lecture 9:Sorting and Filtering
Lecture 10A:Tables
Lecture 10B:Tables
Quiz 5
Level 2 Assignment 1
Level 2 Assignment 2

Formulas and Functions

18 Lectures, 9 Quizzes, 7 Assignments

Lecture 1:Introduction
Lecture 2A:Formulas
Quiz 1
Lecture 2B:Formulas
Level 3 Assignment 1
Lecture 3:Functions Overview
Lecture 4A:Mathematical and Statistical Functions
Lecture 4B:Mathematical and Statistical Functions
Lecture 4C:Mathematical and Statistical Functions
Lecture 4D:Mathematical and Statistical Functions
Quiz 2
Level 3 Assignment 2
Lecture 5A:Text Functions
Quiz 3
Lecture 5B:Text Functions
Quiz 4
Lecture 6:Date and Time Functions
Level 3 Assignment 3
Lecture 7:Logical Functions
Quiz 5
Lecture 8:Lookup and Reference Functions
Quiz 6
Level 3 Assignment 4
Lecture 9:Advance VLookup
Level 3 Assignment 5
Lecture 10:Index and Match Functions Advance
Quiz 7
Level 3 Assignment 6
Lecture 11:If and Ifs
Lecture 12:Formula Auditing
Quiz 8
Lecture 13:Error Handling
Quiz 9
Level 3 Assignment 7

Charts and Analysis

10 Lectures, 4 Quizzes, 3 Assignments

Lecture 1:Charts and Types of Charts
Lecture 2:Formatting and Editting of Charts
Quiz 1
Lecture 3:Sparklines
Quiz 2
Lecture 4A:Pivot Table
Lecture 4B:Pivot Table
Quiz 3
Lecture 4C:Pivot Table
Lecture 5:Pivot Charts
Lecture 6A:What If Analysis
Lecture 6B:What If Analysis
Lecture 6C:What If Analysis
Quiz 4
Level 4 Assignment 1
Level 4 Assignment 2
Level 4 Assignment 3

Tips and Tricks

7 Lectures, 2 Quizzes, 1 Assignment

Lecture 1:Dynamic Named Ranges
Lecture 2:Grouping and Ungrouping
Lecture 3:3D Formulas and Editing
Lecture 4:Customize Ribbons and Tabs
Lecture 5:Alternative to Merge Cells
Lecture 6:Go To Special
Lecture 7:Text To Columns
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Level 5 Assignment 1

Industry Applications

2 Lectures, 1 Assignment

Lecture 1A:HR Database Management Using Excel
Lecture 1B:HR Database Management Using Excel
Level 6 Assignment 1

MS Excel

Originally released in 1985, Microsoft Excel has become the most-used spreadsheet program in the world. MS Excel makes calculations of complex formulas easy and works great as a basic database management and reporting tool. Almost everyone in the corporate world uses Excel. More than 75% internships posted on Intern Theory require students to know Excel. A detailed study of MS Excel can make you a Superhero at work!


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