Online Android App Development Course

A Certified Course to give you an indepth understanding of Kotlin and Android App Development through theoretical and practical training. This will be followed by internship opportunities in the field of Android App Development to make you INDUSTRY-READY.

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Vivek Choksi

6-8 Weeks

5 Levels

60 Lectures

6-8 Weeks

5 Levels

60 Lessons

₹ 4,799
₹ 2,399/-

Offer expires in Calculating .....

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Key Features

  • Certified Course
  • Delivery - Video Lectures
  • Assessment - Quizzes And Assignments
  • More Practical Less Theory
  • Internship Opportunity To Top Performers

Course Description

Learn and Master the Art of Android App Development.

This Online Android App Development Course is designed for students like you who wish to build a career in app design and development. At the end of this course, you will be able to build an android app from scratch. You will be working with Kotlin to design and develop an android app.

Quizzes and Assignments shall ensure that you understand everything well. Doubt solving, guidance and mentorship shall be provided through and through. Best Part? You decide the timings for the class. You can study the course in your own free time, anytime within 1 year.

Along with this being a certified course, we also offer internship opportunities to all students who perform well in the course.

Flexible Learning

Learn from any place, at any time. No strings attached.

Unlimited Retakes

Gain access to the course unlimited times, for 365 days. Leave no stones unturned.

Interactive & Animated

Fun, animated, and informative videos with an interactive and challenging quiz at the end of each video. Review your knowledge and mug up no more.

Experienced Mentor

With years of experience in the industry, the Mentor has been building apps since a long time. Imbibe practical knowledge from the best.

Pocket Friendly

Learn the art of android app development at a reasonable fee. Recover the money you invest as your first month's stipend.


5 Lectures

Lecture 1:What is Kotlin?
Lecture 2:Why Kotlin is the future?
Lecture 3:What we'll cover in this course?
Lecture 4:An overview of the apps we'll be building
Lecture 5:How to succeed in this course?

Setting Up Your Workstation

5 Lectures

Lecture 1:Install Java JDK (Windows)
Lecture 2:Install Java JDK (Mac)
Lecture 3:Installing IntelliJ IDEA (Windows)
Lecture 4:Installing IntelliJ IDEA (Mac)
Lecture 5:Create and configure a new project

Getting Started With Kotlin

8 Lectures

Lecture 1:What is a program?
Lecture 2:Running your first program/app
Lecture 3:What is a variable?
Lecture 4:Define Variable in Kotlin
Lecture 5:Var vs Val
Lecture 6:Input Data Readline
Lecture 7:Variable Types
Lecture 8:Null Safety in Kotlin

Data Structure and Operations

4 Lectures

Lecture 1:Arithmetic operation
Lecture 2:String concatenation
Lecture 3:Increment & Decrement
Lecture 4:What to do when things go wrong

Conditional Execution

5 Lectures

Lecture 1:Comparison Operator
Lecture 2:Logical Operator
Lecture 3:IF statements
Lecture 4:IF-Else statements
Lecture 5:IF-ElseIF statements


4 Lectures

Lecture 1:Loops
Lecture 2:For Loop
Lecture 3:While Loop
Lecture 4:Nested Loop

Collections and Strings

6 Lectures

Lecture 1:One-Dimension Array structure
Lecture 2:One-Dimension Array implementation
Lecture 3:ArrayList
Lecture 4:Map
Lecture 5:Hashmap
Lecture 6:setOf and mutableSetOf


3 Lectures

Lecture 1:What is a function?
Lecture 2:Function Overloading
Lecture 3:Polymorphism

Object Oriented Programming

7 Lectures

Lecture 1:What is OOP (and why?)
Lecture 2:Our first class - designing the class layout
Lecture 3:Constructing constructors
Lecture 4:Inheritance
Lecture 5:Method Overriding
Lecture 6:Super Keyword
Lecture 7:Abstract Class

Download Andriod Studio

2 Lectures

Lecture 1:Downloading Andriod Studio (Mac)
Lecture 2:Downloading Andriod Studio (Windows)

First Demo App

3 Lectures

Lecture 1,2,3:First Demo App

Second Demo App using Sqlite

3 Lectures

Lecture 1,2,3:Second Demo App using Sqlite

Third Demo App using external API

3 Lectures

Lecture 1,2,3:Third Demo App using external API

Releasing app on Playstore

4 Lectures

Lecture 1:Create Playstore account
Lecture 2:Generate your APK build
Lecture 3:How to plan and schedule a release
Lecture 4:The Launch!

Vivek Choksi

Founder, Amber Labs

Vivek has 6 years of experience in technology and product domain. As an Android developer he published a series of mobile apps in the education domain. As a product manager he had an opportunity to work for an ed-tech start-up and designed and implemented their mobile app launch strategy. He also founded a venture backed start-up to solve the mass commute problem in Mumbai. He currently runs his own software development firm called Amber Labs. He is passionate about products and always up for getting his hands dirty with new technology and framework.


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