Email Marketing Certification Training

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Master advanced email marketing strategies. Develop expertise in creating effective advertisements to promote a product or service while building loyalty and trust, and creating brand awareness.

Course advisor

Matt Bailey
Expert Internet Marketer, President of SiteLogic, Author

Matt Bailey is the founder and president of SiteLogic, and the author of Internet Marketing: An Hour A Day. Matt also serves on the Advisory Board for Incisive Media's Search Engine Strategies Conferences, and is the conference's one of the highest-rated speakers.

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Key Features

  • 25+ Hours of High Quality e-Learning Content
  • Online Progress Quiz
  • Downloadable Workbooks & Exercises
  • Topics on Email Marketing Terminologies
  • Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Content

Course Description

E-mail Marketing is direct marketing through E-mail. Every commercial message sent to an existing or a potential customer through E-mail is considered as E-mail Marketing.

Simplilearn's Advanced Email Marketing Course emphasizes on advanced marketing strategies using E-mails, guides in creating effective advertisements to promote a product or service, to request business, solicit sales/donations, meant to build loyalty, trust and create brand awareness.

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective and personalized modes of gaining the customers trust. E-mails are widely used by almost everyone and direct E-mail marketing produces higher response rate and higher average order value for e-commerce business.

Benefits of being certified in Advanced Email Marketing:
  • Learn to draw more traffic, gain visibility and awareness of a brand or product.
  • Understand the subtle and intricate details of effective E-mail marketing
  • Learn how to efficiently build an E-mail list and E-mail campaigns
  • Generate a higher number of E-mail subscribers
  • Effective E-mail Marketing and get more traction from employing the latest strategies.
  • Learn how to market a business through an E-mail marketing platform
  • In-depth knowledge of E-mail Rules and Regulations
  • Gain expertise and knowledge of E-mail Marketing to attract buyers at a larger scale and expand globally.
  • Learn the art of sending mass E-mails to a selected group of recipients who are searching for the product you are selling.

    The Advanced Email Marketing training can be pursued by professionals who want to specialize in the field of E-mail Marketing and generate revenue. This certification is best suited for:
    • Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs
    • Internet Marketers
    • Affiliate Marketers
    • Bloggers
    • Marketing professionals Who Want to Make More Sales and Conversions
    • Marketing Managers Who Wants to Get More Traffic and Sales
    • Business Owners who want to generate revenue
    • Business Development Professionals
    • Aspiring professionals in the field of marketing
    • Freelancers and graduates.

Course preview

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Email as Conversation
  • Creating the Email
  • Landing Pages
  • The Mailing List
  • Spam and Blacklists
  • Working with Email Service Providers
  • Combining Email with Other Channels
  • Marketing Automation Basics
  • Advacned Marketing Automation
  • Email Metrics and Measurement
  • Advanced Email Marketing

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