Microsoft Excel 2013

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Master every tool and feature of MS Excel. Work like a pro in all Excel-related projects and prepare for Microsoft 77-428 exam

Key Features

  • Training for Microsoft® 77-428 exam
  • 6 hours of High Quality e-Learning content
  • 18 end of chapter quizzes
  • 45 Industry based examples
  • 3 Microsoft Excel 2013 Simulation Exams
  • 20 PDU's offered

Course Description

Microsoft® Excel 2013 Advance certification enables the professionals to gain proficiency in handling basic formulas and tools. This certification training helps the users to enhance their understanding of the basic tools for organizing, visualizing, calculating and managing data in MS Excel 2013. It is ideal for those who are looking to improve their job prospects by adopting Excel 2013 fundamental skills and knowledge.
The Microsoft® Excel® 2013: MOS advanced certification proves that the certified professional can work with Excel 2013 application effectively and efficiently. This certification also proves the certified professional’s skills in Excel 2013.

Currently there are approximately 37.5 thousand professionals across the globe who hold a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification.

Professionals can benefit from Excel in different ways. In Excel 2013, professionals can manage and share workbooks, create and apply several formulas and charts. This helps in organizing the data in meaningful output.

    At the end of Simplilearn’s training in Microsoft® Excel 2013 Advance, you will gain knowledge of the following:
    • Manage versions of a workbook and remove workbook metadata
    • Identify the steps for setting tracking options and limiting editors
    • Create custom accounting, color and font formats
    • Manipulate options in existing PivotCharts
    • List the steps for installing apps from office store

    The career benefits of this course are as follows:
    • According to, in high-growth industries, entry-level employees who hold a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers.
    • It helps a professional by maximizing the value of their data, which helps to control costs more effectively, and obtaining business information.
    • This course and certification will increase your visibility in your organization.
    • This certification sets you apart from your colleague and ensures you get recognized for your knowledge and skill.

Microsoft® Excel 2013 advanced certification enables the professionals’ to gain proficiency in creating and applying advanced formulas, charts, and templates. This certification training helps the users to enhance their skills in managing and sharing workbooks, applying custom formats and layouts, and more. It is ideal for those who are looking to improve their job prospects by adopting Excel 2013 advanced skills and knowledge.

Course preview

  • Manage and Share Workbooks
  • Apply Custom Formats and Layouts
  • Create Advanced Formulae
  • Create Advanced Charts and Objects
  • Excel 2013 Advance New Features
  • Creating Templates with Advanced Functions

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