Microsoft Excel 2013

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Learn a most sought-after skill, needed across all companies in every department. Get started to learn the basics and prepare for MOS Excel 2013 Core (77-420) Exam.

Key Features

  • 6+ Hrs of High Quality e-Learning content
  • 53 demo's with example on application
  • 1 Microsoft Excel Simulation Exam
  • 6 Chapter End Quizzes
  • Prepare for MOS Excel 2013 Core (77-420) Exam
  • Downloadable E-book Included

Course Description

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application created by Microsoft which helps you to understand and analyze business functions. This application is mainly useful for business heads for taking decisions about their business. Microsoft introduced a number of new features in Excel 2013, such as saving files in remote locations, new chart types, slicers and timeline feature to work with pivot tables, FlashFill, etc. All these features allow the user to work with data more efficiently and effectively.

This course will provide you a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Excel 2013 application and customizing excel options. It will give an introduction to creating and managing worksheets and workbooks. We will learn about creating and formatting cells and ranges. The course will also cover the information about creating and formatting tables, applying formulas and functions, creating charts, and inserting objects.

Demos are provided to show how to work with Excel application and get hands-on experience in Excel 2013. The target audience of the course is anyone who is interested in learning Excel 2013. No prerequisite skills are required for taking this course.
Microsoft Excel 2013: MOS Foundation certification proves that the certified professional can work with Excel 2013 application efficiently. This certification also proves the certified professional’s skills in Excel 2013.

Currently, there are approximately 37,500 lT professionals across the globe who hold a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification.

Professionals can benefit from Excel in different ways. In Excel 2013, professionals can use the new FlashFill feature to easily work with data. They can create interactive charts with filters using new chart elements and chart types. In addition, they can change data to a table with different in-built table styles and use new formulas and functions for easy calculations. They can work with dual monitors as each workbook works in its own window.

Organizations have several benefits of working with Excel. Excel 2013 has powerful premade templates to create workbooks easily and different types of quick analysis tools, which help organizations to take decisions about their businesses. In addition, it has an option to save files in remote locations, which helps in accessing online files from anywhere. Using the Excel application, organizations can store huge data and automate various tasks.

    Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application created by Microsoft that helps you to understand and analyze business functions.
    Simplilearn’s Microsoft® Excel 2013 Foundation Online Training enables the users to perform the following tasks:
    • Create and manage worksheets and workbooks
    • Create cells and ranges in Excel 2013
    • Create tables in Excel 2013
    • Apply formulas and functions in Excel 2013
    • Create charts and objects in Excel 2013

    This course provides the participants with the following career benefits:
    • According to, in high-growth industries, entry-level employees who hold a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers.
    • It helps professionals in their career by maximizing the value of their data, helping to control costs more effectively, and obtaining business information.
    • This course and certification will increase your visibility in your organization.
    • This certification sets you apart from your colleagues and ensures you get recognized for your knowledge and skill.

Microsoft® Excel 2013 Foundation certification enables the professionals’ to gain proficiency in handling advanced formulas and tools. This certification training helps the users to enhance their skills in function with calculation, graphic tools, pivot tools, converting lists to a table and more. It is ideal for those who are looking to improve their job prospects by adopting Excel 2013 advanced skills and knowledge.

Course preview

  • Overview of MOS Foundation
  • Introduction of Excel 2013
  • Create and Manage Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Create Cells and Functions
  • Create Tables
  • Apply Formulae and Functions
  • Create Charts and Objects

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