Mobile Marketing Certification Training

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Become an expert on using the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication. Master the art of mobile advertising, responsive designs, integrated social media marketing, and more.

Course advisor

Jeff Hasen
Mobile Marketing Expert, President of Gotta Mobilize, Author

Jeff Hasen is the founder and president of mobile consultancy Gotta Mobilize and is the author of two books, The Art of Mobile Persuasion and Mobilized Marketing. He is also named as one of the top Chief Marketing Officers on Twitter.

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Key Features

  • 25+ Hours of High Quality e-Learning Content
  • Online Progress Quiz
  • Downloadable Workbooks & Exercises
  • Practice Tests
  • Topics on Mobile Advertising & Search, Measurement & Analytics
  • Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Content

Course Description

Mobile Marketing is a vital marketing strategy, and is the future of marketing. Mobile Marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, providing customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas.

With the massive growth of smartphones, Mobile Marketing has become a vital factor where the mobile device is rendered to be a significant mode of marketing channel.

Simplilearn’s Advanced Mobile Marketing Course, enables the participants to gain expertise on using the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication.

An efficient marketer who knows the knack of leveraging mobile, and keeps up with the explosive growth will win the audience and be indispensable.

Benefits of the Advanced Mobile Marketing Course:
  • Learn to create compelling Mobile responsive design to drive great user experience
  • Understand Mobile devices, core mobile product and service offerings
  • Understand Mobile Advertising and Search
  • Combine Mobiles with other Channels
  • Effective Mobile Marketing and Social Media
  • Learn how to market a business on mobile platform through mobile marketing and social media
  • In-depth knowledge of Mobile Rules and Regulations
  • Gain expertise and knowledge of Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics

    The Advanced Mobile Marketing training can be pursued by professionals who want to specialize in the field of Mobile Marketing and gain recognition in the digital marketing industry. This certification is best suited for:
    • Mobile Marketers
    • Digital Marketing Professionals
    • Marketing Managers
    • Business Owners
    • Business Development Professionals
    • Aspiring professionals in the field of marketing
    • Freelancers and graduates.

Course preview

  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Understanding Mobile Devices
  • Core Product and Service Offerings
  • Supplemental Mobile Products and Service Options
  • Mobile Advertising and Search
  • Incentives and Loyalty Programs
  • Mobile Marketing and Social Media
  • Location and Mobile
  • Mobile Rules and Regulations
  • The Mobile Website
  • Mobile Marketing Analytics
  • Careers in Mobile Marketing
  • Advanced Mobile Marketing

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