Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Learn the basics of SEO, and master SEO techniques to improve the visibility of websites and improve website traffic.

Course advisor

Danny Dover
Expert SEO, Former Lead SEO of MOZ, Author

Danny Dover is the author of the bestselling book Search Engine Optimization Secrets and co-founded Making it Click. Danny’s expertise has been cited in Time Magazine, PC World, Smashing Magazine etc. Before starting his own company, Danny was Lead SEO at

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Key Features

  • 2+ hours of high quality e-learning content
  • Topics on algorithm updates and SEO changes
  • Covers SEO measurement, design and architecture
  • Simulation exam Progress quizzes
  • Course completion certificate

Course Description

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps in increasing the visibility, rankings and relevance of webpages in search engine results.

The SEO Foundation training from Simplilearn provides foundational knowledge in SEO. The training will help participants improve the visibility of websites and improve website traffic with proper use of the relevant keywords and other SEO techniques. The course also helps participants stay abreast of the latest best practices in SEO.

The SEO Foundation training provides essential knowledge in SEO techniques. By the end of this course, participants will have learned all about:
  • On-page best practices
  • SEO methods to generate relevant keywords
  • Competitive analytics
  • Design & architecture
  • Site optimization & best practices
  • Link-building
  • SEO for local search
  • SEO site audits

    The SEO Foundation course from Simplilearn can be pursued by those professionals looking to learn the basics of SEO and improve website visibility in search engine listings. The course is great for:
    • Business owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Online marketers
    • Marketing professionals
    • Bloggers
    • Fresh graduates
    • Copywriters & content writers

Course preview

  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Site Optimization and Link Building
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Design and Architecture
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Measurement
  • The Changing State of SEO
  • Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines
  • SEO Foundations

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