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A Certified Course to give you an indepth understanding of the Stock Markets through theoretical and practical training. This will be followed by internship opportunities in the Share Trading Sector to make you INDUSTRY-READY.

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Parth Kadakia

4-6 Weeks

6 Levels

67 Lectures

4-6 Weeks

6 Levels

67 Lessons

₹ 7,999
₹ 3,999/-

Offer expires in Calculating .....

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Key Features

  • Certified Course
  • Delivery - Video Lectures
  • Assessment - Quizzes And Assignments
  • More Practical Less Theory
  • Internship Opportunity To Top Performers

Course Description

Learn and Master the Art of Investments.

This Online Stock Market Course is designed for students like you who either wish to build a career in finance or wish to educate yourself for better investment decisions. At the end of this course, you will be able to think and act like a prudent investor. We will teach you everything from scratch - which is a good company to invest in, what is the right time and price to invest anywhere, after investing what is the optimum time to exit and book profits.

Quizzes and Assignments shall ensure that you understand everything well. Doubt solving, guidance and mentorship shall be provided through and through. Best Part? You decide the timings for the class. You can study the course in your own free time, anytime within 1 year.

Along with this being a certified course, we also offer internship opportunities to all students who perform well in the course.

Flexible Learning

Learn from any place, at any time. No strings attached.

Unlimited Retakes

Gain access to the course unlimited times, for 365 days. Leave no stones unturned.

Interactive & Animated

Fun, animated, and informative videos with an interactive and challenging quiz at the end of each video. Review your knowledge and mug up no more.

Experienced Mentor

With immense trading experience, the mentor also teaches at the National Stock Exchange. Imbibe practical knowledge from the best.

Pocket Friendly

The online course helps you save and pays for itself in its own way, by teaching you about investment- an efficient tool to make money smartly.

Introduction to Stock Markets

14 Lectures, 6 Quizzes, 1 Assignment

Lecture 1:Introduction to Stock Markets
Lecture 2:Shares and IPO
Quiz 1
Lecture 3:Exchanges
Quiz 2
Lecture 4:Indices I
Lecture 5:Indices II
Lecture 6:Indices III
Quiz 3
Lecture 7:SEBI
Lecture 8:Timings of the Market
Lecture 9:Retailers and Professionals
Quiz 4
Lecture 10:Technical and Fundamental Analysis
Lecture 11:How to Trade - Brokers
Lecture 12:How to Trade - Trading and Demat Accounts
Quiz 5
Lecture 13:Commonly Used Jargons
Lecture 14:Rules of the Market
Quiz 6
Level 1 Assignment

Technical Analysis

17 Lectures, 8 Quizzes, 2 Assignments

Lecture 0:Introduction
Lecture 1:What is Technical Analysis?
Lecture 2:What are Charts?
Lecture 3:Japanese Candlestick Charts
Lecture 4:Construction of a Candlestick
Quiz 1
Lecture 5:Characteristics of a Candle I
Lecture 6:Characteristics of a Candle II(A)
Lecture 7:Characteristics of a Candle II(B)
Lecture 8:Characteristics of a Candle III
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4
Lecture 9:Aspects of a Line Chart(Trends)
Lecture 10:How to identify Trends?
Lecture 11:Aspects of a Line Chart(Trading Pattern)
Lecture 12:Technical Analysis Indicators
Lecture 13:RSI and Moving Averages I
Quiz 5
Lecture 14:RSI and Moving Averages II
Lecture 15:RSI and Moving Averages III
Lecture 16:Where to find Charts?
Quiz 6
Quiz 7
Quiz 8
Level 2 Assignment 1
Level 2 Assignment 2

Fundamental Analysis

12 Lectures, 5 Quizzes, 1 Assignment

Lecture 0:Introduction
Lecture 1:What is Fundamental Analysis?
Lecture 2:Traders, Speculators and Investors
Quiz 1
Lecture 3:Characteristics of Fundamental Analysis
Lecture 4:Financial Statements of a Company - Annual Report
Quiz 2
Lecture 5:Reading an Annual Report I
Lecture 6:Reading an Annual Report II
Lecture 7:Reading an Annual Report III
Quiz 3
Lecture 8:Financial Ratios
Quiz 4
Lecture 9:Profitability Ratio
Lecture 10:Price to Earnings Ratio
Lecture 11:How to Select a Stock using Fundamental Analysis?
Quiz 5
Level 3 Assignment

Demand and Supply and Traders' Psychology

11 Lectures, 3 Quizzes, 1 Assignment

Lecture 1:Demand and Supply
Lecture 2:Demand and Supply Belt
Lecture 3:Identification of Demand and Supply Belts
Quiz 1
Lecture 4:Marking of Demand and Supply Belt I
Lecture 5:Marking of Demand and Supply Belt II
Lecture 6:Marking of Demand and Supply Belt III
Lecture 7:Trading with the help of Demand and Supply Belts I
Quiz 2
Lecture 8:Trading with the help of Demand and Supply Belts II
Lecture 9:Price Personality
Lecture 10:Variations of Demand and Supply Belt
Lecture 11:Risk Management while Trading in Demand and Supply Belt
Quiz 3
Level 4 Assignment

Trading Systems

14 Lectures, 4 Quizzes

Lecture 1:Pre Market Analysis
Lecture 2:Indian Pre Market Analysis
Quiz 1
Lecture 3:Stock Personality
Lecture 4:Importance of Behavioural Finance
Lecture 5:Moving Averages(Advanced)
Lecture 6:Stock Selection
Quiz 2
Lecture 7:Behavioural Aspects of Technical Analysis
Lecture 8:Advanced Triangle Formations
Quiz 3
Lecture 9:Trends Before Patterns
Lecture 10:RSI(Advanced)
Lecture 11:3 Pillars
Lecture 12:Trading Set Up
Quiz 4
Lecture 13:Conclusion
Lecture 14:Rules of the Market

Bonus Level

1 Lecture, 1 Assignment

Video 1 :Bonus Level
Level 6 Assignment

Parth Kadakia

Research Analyst, Authorised Partner(Sharekhan)

Parth Kadakia is a professional trader with years of trading and teaching experience. Being a Research Analyst and an Authorised Partner of Sharekhan, he has amassed tremendous knowledge and experience in the Indian Stock Markets. He is a visiting faculty at various institutions and exchanges across the country. He has made significant contributions in the industry by helping thousands of individuals by educating them and making them professionals of the Indian Stock Markets.



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