Online Tally + GST Course

A Certified Course to give you an understanding of GST and how to use Tally with GST. This will be followed by internship opportunities in the field of Accounting to make you INDUSTRY-READY.

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6-8 Weeks

6 Levels

68 Lectures

6-8 Weeks

6 Levels

68 Lessons

₹ 4,799
₹ 2,399/-

Offer expires in Calculating .....

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Key Features

  • Certified Course
  • Delivery - Video Lectures
  • Assessment - Quizzes And Assignments
  • More Practical Less Theory
  • Internship Opportunity To Top Performers

Course Description

Learn and Master GST and Tally.

This Online Tally + GST Course is designed for students like you who wish to build a career in finance.. At the end of this course, you will be able to work smoothly on Tally - One of world's most widely used accounting software. You will also understand the concepts of India's newly introduced indirect tax regime - GST.

Quizzes and Assignments shall ensure that you understand everything well. Doubt solving, guidance and mentorship shall be provided through and through. Best Part? You decide the timings for the class. You can study the course in your own free time, anytime within 1 year.

Along with this being a certified course, we also offer internship opportunities to all students who perform well in the course.

Flexible Learning

Learn from any place, at any time. No strings attached.

Unlimited Retakes

Gain access to the course unlimited times, for 365 days. Leave no stones unturned.

Interactive & Animated

Fun, animated, and informative videos with an interactive and challenging quiz at the end of each video. Review your knowledge and mug up no more.

Experienced Mentor

With years of experience in the industry, the Mentor has been practicing Chartered Accountancy for a lot of clients. With an indepth undertsanding of GST and working experience with Tally, he has seamlessly integrated Tally with GST in this course.

Pocket Friendly

Learn Tally + GST at a reasonable fee. Recover the money you invest as your first month's stipend.

Introduction to Tally

7 Lectures

Lecture 1:What is Tally?
Lecture 2:How to install Tally?
Lecture 3:How to create a company in Tally?
Lecture 4:Overview of features in Tally?
Lecture 5:Understanding the UI
Lecture 6:Deleting a company in Tally
Lecture 7:Commonly-used terms

Setting Up Tally/Masters Creation

11 Lectures

Lecture 1:Creating a Company
Lecture 2:Creating Accounting Masters - Groups - Meaning
Lecture 3:Creating Accounting Masters - Ledgers - Meaning
Lecture 4:Creating Accounting Masters - Ledgers - Types
Lecture 5:Creating Accounting Masters - Types of Accounts - Capital
Lecture 6:Creating Accounting Masters - Types of Accounts - Current Liabilities
Lecture 7:Creating Accounting Masters - Types of Accounts - Fixed Assets
Lecture 8:Creating Accounting Masters - Types of Accounts - Investments
Lecture 9:Creating Accounting Masters - Types of Accounts - Current Assets
Lecture 10:Inventory Management - Creating Stock Items
Lecture 11:Inventory Management - Valuation Methods

Record of Transactions

8 Lectures

Lecture 1:Sales Voucher
Lecture 2:Purchase Voucher
Lecture 3:Debit Note and Credit Note
Lecture 4:Receipts Voucher
Lecture 5:Payments Voucher
Lecture 6:Contra Voucher
Lecture 7:Journal Voucher
Lecture 8:Inventory Vouchers

Reporting & Analysis of Data

14 Lectures

Lecture 1:Financial Statements - Balance Sheet
Lecture 2:Financial Statements - Profit & Loss Account
Lecture 3:Financial Statements - Trial Balance
Lecture 4:Financial Statements - Receipts & Payments Account
Lecture 5:Displaying Registers and Ledgers - Sales Register
Lecture 6:Displaying Registers and Ledgers - Purchase Register
Lecture 7:Displaying Registers and Ledgers - Journal
Lecture 8:Displaying Registers and Ledgers - Statement of Accounts
Lecture 9:Displaying Registers and Ledgers - Day Book
Lecture 10:MIS Reports - Cash Flow Statement
Lecture 11:MIS Reports - Fund Flow Statement
Lecture 12:MIS Reports - Ratio Analysis Reports
Lecture 13:MIS Reports - Corporate Financial Statements as per Sch. III
Lecture 14:MIS Reports - Corporate Audit Report

Understanding GST

15 Lectures

Lecture 1:What is GST? + Types
Lecture 2:What is GST? - Meaning
Lecture 3:What is GST? - Types
Lecture 4:GST - Concept of Supply
Lecture 5:GST - Input Tax Credit
Lecture 6:GST - Returns
Lecture 7:Components of a GST Invoice - Rates
Lecture 8:Components of a GST Invoice - GSTINs
Lecture 9:Components of a GST Invoice - HSN/SAC Codes
Lecture 10:Components of a GST Invoice - Supplies
Lecture 11:Components of a GST Invoice - Place of Supply Rules
Lecture 12:Components of a GST Invoice - Time of Supply Rules
Lecture 13:Components of a GST Invoice - Zero Rated Supply
Lecture 14:Components of a GST Invoice - Exempt Supplies
Lecture 15:Components of a GST Invoice - Export & SEZ Supplies

Statutories and Taxation

16 Lectures

Lecture 1:GST - Creating Masters and Setup
Lecture 2:GST - Understanding the Returns - Types
Lecture 3:GST - Understanding the Returns - Formats
Lecture 4:GST - Correction of Errors
Lecture 5:GST - Exporting
Lecture 6:GST - E-Way Bills
Lecture 7:GST - GST Annual Return
Lecture 8:TDS - Introduction
Lecture 9:TDS - Creating Masters and Setup
Lecture 10:TDS - TDS Transactions - TDS on Expenses (JV)
Lecture 11:TDS - TDS Transactions - Payment to Party
Lecture 12:TDS - TDS Transactions - Payment of TDS
Lecture 13:TDS - TDS Reports - Computation
Lecture 14:TDS - TDS Reports - Challan Reconciliation
Lecture 15:TDS - TDS Reports - Returns
Lecture 16:TDS - TDS Reports - eReturns


6 Lectures

Lecture 1:Interest Calculation
Lecture 2:Printing
Lecture 3:Emailing Invoices
Lecture 4:SMS Feature
Lecture 5:Remote Desktop
Lecture 6:Backup & Restore

Tally + GST

Tally is one of world's most widely used accounting software.

If you are pursuing a career in Accounting and Finance, Tally is one of the softwares you need to learn first. Majority of business in the world conduct their accounting on Tally. A working knowledge of Tally has become a pre-requisite for almost all Finance and Accounting jobs in India.

Here are a few reasons why we believe tally is one of the softwares you HAVE to know:

  • Endless Demand in the Market
  • It is simple to learn
  • You make Accounting and Finance Easy

  • GST is one of the latest and major change in taxation implemented by the Government of India. It is necessary for every Finance Professional to have an indepth knowledge about GST and its concepts.


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