Web Analytics Certification Training

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Master various aspects of Web Data Analysis, Multi-Channel Analytics, qualitative search, and reports. Master tools and techniques for web analytics and become a data wizard.

Course advisor

Stéphane Hamel
Google Product Strategy Expert, Expert Data Analyst

Stéphane Hamel is a Google Product Strategy/Expert and is named the Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association. He has made significant contributions to the industry, including creating the Digital Analytics Maturity Model.

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Key Features

  • 25+ Hrs of High Quality e-Learning Content
  • Online Progress Quiz
  • Downloadable Workbooks & Exercises
  • Practice Tests
  • Topics on Multi-Channel Analytics, KPI’s and Analytics Techniques
  • Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Content

Course Description

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, tracking and analyzing internet data to optimize web usage. Businesses are widely using web analytics for business solutions and market research.

Simplilearn’s Advanced Web Analytics imparts knowledge on various aspects of Web Data Analysis, Multi-channel Analytics, qualitative search and reports.

A certified Web data Analyst would be proficient in the online marketing discipline of Web Analytics. This course will help participants in discovering tools to assess visitor behavior on websites and trains them.

The Advanced Web Analytics training by Simplilearn trains the professional to be proficient in Web Data analytics and gain a sound knowledge on Competitive Intelligence Analysis.
By being certified in Advanced Web Analytics, the professionals gain the following benefits:
  • Gain knowledge and expertise on Web Data Analytics, and churn important insights into the behavior of the market and website traffic.
  • Explore the various features of Web Analytics, multi-channel Analytics
  • Discover how to generate valuable data from internal search analysis and competitive intelligence analysis
  • Ability to confidently analyze & and provide business solutions
  • Conduct qualitative research and deliver actionable "data driven" business insights

    The Advanced Web Analytics Course can be pursued by professionals who want to learn web analytics and specialize in it and gain recognition in the digital marketing industry. This certification is best suited for:
    • Web Analytics Implementers
    • Web Analytics Data Reporters
    • Digital Analysts
    • Graduates

Course preview

  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators and Analytical Techniques
  • Segmentation
  • Reports and Metrics Making Web Analytics Actionable
  • Web Data Analysis Guide
  • Qualitative Research
  • Experimentation and Testing
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Industy Models Complex Measurement and Approaches
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Google-Specific Techniques and Reports
  • Advanced Web Analytics

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