Online Web Development Course

A Certified Course to give you an indepth understanding of Web Design and Development through theoretical and practical training. This will be followed by internship opportunities in the field of Web Development to make you INDUSTRY-READY.

₹ 4,799
₹ 2,399/-

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6-8 Weeks

5 Levels

60 Lectures

6-8 Weeks

5 Levels

60 Lessons

₹ 4,799
₹ 2,399/-

Offer expires in Calculating .....

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Key Features

  • Certified Course
  • Delivery - Video Lectures
  • Assessment - Quizzes And Assignments
  • More Practical Less Theory
  • Internship Opportunity To Top Performers

Course Description

Learn and Master the Art of Web Development.

This Online Web Development Course is designed for students like you who wish to build a career in web design and development. At the end of this course, you will be able to build an e-commerce website from scratch. You will be working with technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL.

Quizzes and Assignments shall ensure that you understand everything well. Doubt solving, guidance and mentorship shall be provided through and through. Best Part? You decide the timings for the class. You can study the course in your own free time, anytime within 1 year.

Along with this being a certified course, we also offer internship opportunities to all students who perform well in the course.

Flexible Learning

Learn from any place, at any time. No strings attached.

Unlimited Retakes

Gain access to the course unlimited times, for 365 days. Leave no stones unturned.

Interactive & Animated

Fun, animated, and informative videos with an interactive and challenging quiz at the end of each video. Review your knowledge and mug up no more.

Experienced Mentor

With years of experience in the industry, the Mentor has been building websites since a long time and has built and maintained as well. Imbibe practical knowledge from the best.

Pocket Friendly

Learn the art of web development at a reasonable fee. Recover the money you invest as your first month's stipend.


14 Lectures

Lecture 1:HTML Introduction
Lecture 2,3:Page Structure
Lecture 4,5:Tags And Text Formatting
Lecture 6,7:Tables
Lecture 8,9,10:Introduction To CSS And The Standard
Lecture 11,12:How To Use Style Sheets
Lecture 13,14:Styling In Various Formats


18 Lectures

Lecture 1,2:What Is Bootstrap
Lecture 3,4,5,6:Elements
Lecture 7,8,9,10:Bootstrap Components
Lecture 11,12,13:Grid Containers
Lecture 14,15,16:Modals And Popups
Lecture 17,18:Jumbotrons


12 Lectures

Lecture 1,2:Introduction To PHP
Lecture 3,4:Variables
Lecture 5,6:Conditions And Loops
Lecture 7,8:Arrays
Lecture 9,10:Get & Post
Lecture 11:Email With PHP
Lecture 12:Session Management


11 Lectures

Lecture 1:Introduction
Lecture 2,3:DDL Statements
Lecture 4,5,6:Connection To A Database
Lecture 7,8:Playing With Data -- Insert, Update And Delete
Lecture 9:Looping Through Data
Lecture 10,11:SQL Joins

Publishing a Website

3 Lectures

Lecture 1,2,3:How To Publish A Website

Web Design and Development

Websites promote businesses 24/7; No employee will do that.

In the evergroing digital era, web design and development is still a solid career option for anyone looking to build a long lasting professional career for herself/himself. With the number of web users increasing every day, a unique web experience can be achieved by optimum web design and development techniques.

Here are a few reasons why we believe web development is a promising career option:

  • Endless Supply of Jobs
  • It is simple to learn
  • You can take any business to a whole new level


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