Digital Marketing Trainee


Digital Marketing Trainee


Job Description :

We are looking for young candidates with good communication skills to contact the HR & Admin team of the Corporates based in Delhi NCR 

Duration: 3 months

Application Deadline: 15 Dec, 2018

No of Vacancies: 5

Internship Type: full time

Stipend Amount: Rs. 10000 - 30000

Will Provide Certificate/LOR: Yes

Will Give Pre Placement Offer: Yes

Requirements : Corporate Branding

Category : business development

Location: delhi
greater noida


Description : Unlike the respected elders of advertising who stick to their preconceived notions wrapped in a cocoon of arrogance and self-devotion, we as an agency and individuals embrace the inventiveness and evolution of ideas, stretching the boundaries of creativity constantly. Digital Advertising and Social Media was conceived and born right alongside our own generation, and NAPX Media shouldered by a young brigade understands and adapts to technological innovations much more quickly than our age old competitors. Intensive Research Comparative Analysis Customized Solutions What is important in Digital marketing is to create a campaign which is interesting to engage with our audience, this helps in getting higher click through rates and lowering down the cost per conversions. Also, one needs to understand that the platform whether its a website or a social media needs to be uplifted to a level which gives adequate information in the form of great user experience to complete the Digital Marketing flow for the brands or companies. As an awarded digital marketing agency our job is not only to run the campaign but to advise on what would work and what needs to be further optimised.

Industry: education and training

Address :
Greater Noida,
greater noida - 201301
Uttar Pradesh

If any company asks you to pay for internships, kindly DO NOT PAY! Immediately notify us via email at

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