Climate Counsellor

International Centre for Culture & Education

Campus Ambassador Internship

Internship Category: marketing

Openings: 10

Duration: 2 months

Start Date: 20 Feb 2019

Application Deadline: 19 Mar 2019


Internship Description:

Earth Ambassador is a Leadership Role to manage a group of participants by spreading awareness on Climate Change

Cause Supported by UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change 

Knowledge Source: NASA Climate Change & World Bank Institute.

Green Revolution is India's only activity based program on Climate Change initiated by ICCE - International Centre for Culture & Education. Objective of the program is to engage every Indian to contribute towards Action Against Climate Change.

Each Green (R)evolution Earth Ambassador is entitled to rebate and certificate with official logos on successful completion of their deliverable's. 


Prefered Skills

Company Description

International Centre for Culture & Education (ICCE) was established with a vision of transforming young minds into great potential. ICCE is well known across the nation for its Green (R)evolution Global Program on Climate Change, cause supported by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. ICCE works with various Organizations like UNFCCC, World Bank Institute, NASA Climate Change & with Government bodies such as MSME, Governors of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim.


ICCE, 201, 2nd Floor, Varkana Bhawan, Tirupati Nagar