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Teachers - Intern


Job Description :

1. Conduct events for ScienceUtsav at our partner locations to engage kids aged 5-14
2. Help participants build a fun science toy
3. Help in activities and experiments as per the science kit provided to the participants
4. Teach science to 5-14 year-olds using hands-on activities and projects in a fun way
5. Help in the coordination of birthdays/workshops
6. Make science fun for kids
7. Provide feedback to teachers to help them improve
8. Train exisiting and new teachers
9. Overall ownership of school execution across Mumbai
10. Create content for training the teachers to conduct workshops
- Classwork, Workbook, Procedure sheet, Material list

Duration: 2 months

Application Deadline: 16 Mar, 2019

No of Vacancies: 14

Internship Type: part time

Stipend Amount: Rs. 3000 - 8000

Will Provide Certificate/LOR: Yes

Requirements : Teaching

Category : others

Location: bangalore
navi mumbai

About ScienceUtsav

Description : Our aim is to make ScienceUtsav a creative program through which children get acquainted with the concepts of science by means of research. Our programs enable our students to appreciate the simplicity of the concepts while understanding the implementations and applications of the same. Our vision is to make learning an enriching and blissful experience. We believe in strengthening the two planks of a childs innocent mind – inquisitiveness and imagination. This helps the child break the confines of the mundane and take a leap into a whole new world full of multiple innovative perspectives. ScienceUtsav encourages children to ask questions about the ‘How and Why’ of science and strives very hard to make the answering process thought provoking to make it further self-explanatory. ScienceUtsav’s mission is to kindle reasoning and logical thinking amongst kids. The Best of ScienceUtsav in Schools: Simplification of complex concepts of science. Develop a scientific perspective. Nurture a scientific temper. Skill Development. Enhance the learning outcome – Cognition, Retention and Recollection Process. Encourage kids to be Abstract thinkers. Increase knowledge gains to foster self-study. Increased academic results. Overall mental and creative development of kids.

Industry: education and training

Address :
413, RIDL Somiya Vidyavihar Ghotakpur East,
Mumbai - 400077,
Vidyavihar Campus,
navi mumbai - 400077

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