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Web Developer Front End


Job Description : A chilled out company with a bold mission needs a creative genius. One who is filled with creativity and is amongst the best at his job, who understands the value of simplicity But above all we need someone who is fed-up with being treated like a looser in a shitty company working under a stupid boss and has still not lost the flair for creativity. So buckle-up coz here you are about to the mightiest challenges and an uncompromising desire for perfection. But if you get through then you wil

Start Date: 30 Jul, 2015

Duration: 0 months

Application Deadline: 29 Jul, 2015

No of Vacancies: 1

Internship Type: Full Time

Stipend Amount: 10000/-

Requirements :

Category : web design and development

Location: delhi


Description : What we are: We are a team with a vision to solve a problem!! What we aim to do: We wanna make HEALTHY, HOMEMADE FOOD available and accessible to everyone who live away from their homes!! And how do we wanna do it: in a insanely simple and iconic way that makes people feel great about staying

Address :

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