Counsellor (Customer Relationship Manager)
At Zell Education



Required Work Experience: 0-2 years

Application Deadline: 09 Mar, 2019

No of Vacancies: 1

Job Type : full time

Category : client servicing

Salary (Per Month) : Rs. 20000 - 25000

Requirements : Communication
Verbal Communication

Gender Preference: Female

Location: mumbai

Job Description

The CRM Associate/Councillor would be the sole person in-charge, responsible for monitoring customer touch points and enhancing key data points such as Walk-Ins, Conversion, Average Ticket Size, Leads Per Customer, etc. Also, measurability in the short and medium term would be imparted to their efforts on the basis of the incremental revenue attained by way of the aforesaid data points managed by them. The key tasks to be performed by the CRM Associate/Councillor could be categorized as under;


·      Proactive source based tracking of leads (both online and offline), rigorous and timely follow-up with potential customers to ensure maximum walk-ins.

·      Scheduling appointments with prospective customers and undertaking necessary pre-appointment groundwork pertaining to the customer with regard to their specific profile, needs, concerns, constraints, etc.

·      Acquiring relevant product knowledge and communication acumen for effectively interacting with prospective customers (including but not limited to Competitive Advantage Indicators, USPs, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Placement Opportunities, etc.) and tactfully pitching relevant product offerings based on need gap assessment.

·      Exercising accurate judgement with regard to the conversion probability of prospects by deploying various filtration mechanisms and accordingly escalating filtered leads to the management for further negotiation and conversion.

·      Deploying robust methods to generate maximum possible leads through prospective customers, identifying opportunities for potential upselling to relevant customers (wherever applicable).

·      Assessing the impact (relative success/failure) of every source of lead generation at regular intervals and reporting the same to the management with detailed comparisons and recommendations.

·      Coordinating the customer referral program, reviewing impact of the same at frequent intervals and making necessary enhancements.

·      Streamlining customer database gathering mechanisms, ensuring accurate filtration and segmentation of consumer data for targeted promotional activities.

·      Building, implementing and monitoring proactive customer feedback and grievance resolution mechanisms, defining and executing a systematic communication framework with regard to the escalation and resolution of customer grievances resulting from the aforesaid practice.

·      Proactively tracking customer reviews and ratings (online), determining and executing a rapid response mechanism to any negative reviews, comments, etc.


A full time, structured job involving consumer journey mapping on a consistent basis in order to ensure optimization of customer walk-ins and maximization of conversion. Additionally, the profile shall also include the planning and implementation of customer retention, loyalty, referral, up-selling and cross branding initiatives. The job would require limited travelling and fieldwork.

About Zell Education

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Description : Zell is the fastest growing education company in Mumbai, providing training for international financial certifications such as ACCA, CFA, etc., having trained over 3,000 students. Our presence is spreading across India, with Pune and Delhi now under our our purview. Zell is also expanding into ed-tech, with improving live online training using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Industry: education and training

Address :
Zell Education, 405B, Neelkanth, ,
Marine Drive, outside Marine Lines station(West),
mumbai - 400002

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