Features and Benefits

Increased Chances
Get a personal manager for yourself and increase your chances of landing an internship by 85%. Our managers make sure your application turns out to be something employers can not reject ;).

Location and Career Goals
Your personal manager will help you find an internship based on your location and career goals. If you don't wish to travel a lot, do not worry. We get you an internship within your travel boundaries.
Interview Tips
Our help doesn't end once you are shortlisted. Gain valuable insights about how to crack your interview. Our personal managers are well equipped with a diverse bank of interview questions and answers.
Resume Building
We make sure your resume speaks volumes of all the hard work you have put in so far. We make sure that you don't lose out on an interview opportunity because of a poorly executed resume.
24 x 7 Support
Our personal managers are available 24 X 7. You can get in touch with us via text, email or phone. If at all you don't get through, leave a message and we will get back to you within 12 hours. We are humans after all.


I subscribed for Intern Theory's Personal Manager Program and they got me an internship at Viacom 18 within a week. This just showcases how efficient their team is.

Prachi Bhinder - Intern at Viacom 18

In the last one year, I completed 3 internships successfully. 2 out of them were provided to me by Intern Theory's Personal Manager Program. Really excited to re-subscribe.

Akshay Shetty - Intern at LightBulb Digital

Personal Manager Chat



₹ 500/-

For 2 Months

Internship 1
Opportunities 3
Resume Support
Interview Tips
Recommended Courses
Dream Internship


₹ 900/-

For 6 Months

Internship 2
Opportunities 6
Resume Support
Interview Tips
Recommended Courses
Dream Internships



₹ 1200/-

For 1 Year

Internship 3
Opportunities 9
Resume Support
Interview Tips
Recommended Courses
Dream Internships

Career Builder

₹ 3000/-

For 2 Years

Internship 4
Opportunities 12
Resume Support
Interview Tips
Recommended Courses
Dream Internship

Refund Policy

  • Once the payment is made, any kind of alterations shall not be entertained. The money will be refunded only if Interntheory does not provide a maximum of 3 opportunities per internship until selection.
  • Students should mention all their preferences before hand. No other preferences shall be taken into consideration after the process begins.
  • If student does not turn up for an interview without informing, no more opportunities shall be provided to that candidate and no refund will be applicable (student is blacklisted)
  • If the student backs out from one internship, she/he will be blacklisted.
  • If student rejects all 3 opportunities, InternTheory shall not be liable to provide refund.
  • If the student is not available to do the internship due to any personal reasons, refund is not applicable
  • Student needs to make sure they are available for working atleast for 2 months.
  • InternTheory does not guarantee selection. Interntheory shall guide you through the entire process and give you the opportunity to the interview. InternTheory will provide tips on resume and interview skills but final selection depends on the candidate.
  • Maximum of 3 opportunities per internship will be provided based on preference.
  • If student has not been placed and InternTheory does not provide with 3 opportunities per internship, refund is applicable.
  • Majority of the preferences shall be taken into consideration, not necessarily all.